Thursday, July 26, 2012

Setting-up GWT 2.5's SuperDevMode

Setting up SuperDevMode in GWT 2.5

One of the most exciting features of GWT 2.5 is what is called SuperDevMode (read about it at: As a replacement for the previous DevMode, it allows you to debug your Java code (and Javascript) directly through Chrome's Browser's Developer Tools. Perhaps because it is still an experimental feature, instructions are a bit vague on how to set it up. Since it took me a while to figure it out, I thought I would spare you the pain by sharing the screencast below (it's a little rough, but should be sufficient to get you started).

Note: For those of you unfortunate enough to work for a company that blocks YouTube (like you can't access it via your smartphone or tablet, duh) -- you can download from this link.

In my next blog, I discuss how SDM can be used in powerful combination with Google's App Engine development environment.