Thursday, August 2, 2012

GWT 2.5 SuperDevMode and Google App Engine - Now an Amazing Combination

Prior to version 2.5 of GWT, I found it rather tedious to do development with GWT and Google App Engine. Both had separate development modes that didn't always play nice together, and often I found the code-test cycle to be very time-consuming (launching GAE's local development environment is pretty slow).

However, with the advent of GWT's new SuperDevMode (SDM), you can easily modify your Java client code and see it quickly reflected in GAE's development environment without any restart necessary. This is an addition to the other native Java debugging features introduced as a result of SDM. Below is a quick screencast of this capability:

For those of you without access to YouTube, you can download it directly here.

Look forward to your comments/suggestions!

(see my previous blog on setting up SDM in Eclipse).

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